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J. Roussel (born Calais, France. 1996.)

Multi-disciplinary artist based in the Netherlands, currently studying in Minerva Art Academy, Groningen.

The heartache of the human condition.

Here, and now.

I aim to represent the emotions buried deep inside;

to bring to the surface what we try to bury deep down inside of ourselves.

I aim to represent the underrepresented feelings and allow their beauty to shine through the work.

I take inspiration in pain and grief, in confusion and fear, and appreciate the beauty of destruction.

I refuse ambition, I refuse value, I refuse life as I refuse death.

 I welcome the absurdity presented to Humans and refuse to look for the answer to any existential question. Remaining curious without ever longing for answers.

Exhibitions :

3rd year expo @Minerva Art Academy, Groningen

Paint something realistic over here @The Village, Groningen

Opening exhibition @ FotoArgenta, Groningen

Disco Dip @Vrijdag Walstraat, Groningen

Greenlights Expo @De Loods, Groningen

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